CJE Award Winners: Audet-Allard Award & R.W.B. Jackson Award

The Canadian Journal of Education is pleased to announce the winners of the Audet-Allard Award (2021) and the R.W.B. Jackson Award (2021).

The article, “Quelles influences ont les programmes et les formateurs sur les attitudes des futures enseignantes envers les élèves ayant des difficultés comportementales ?” by Catherine Gauthier, Marie-France Nadeau, Line Massé, Nancy Gaudreau , Sandy Nadeau , and Anne Lessard was selected as the best of the French articles published in Volume 43 of the Revue canadienne de l’éducation.

The article, “The Use of a Multidimensional Support Model to Examine Policies and Practices for Immigrant Students across Canada” by Louis Volante, Camila Lara, Don Klinger, Melissa Siegel was selected as the best of the English articles published in Volume 43 of the Canadian Journal of Education.

The criteria for the awards are the importance and originality of the study, the appropriateness and rigor of methods, the significance of the results to the Canadian education community, and the quality of writing. The awards are adjudicated by members of the CJE Board of Consulting Editors.


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