Mary MacPhee

  • May 7
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  • sharonhu

Mary MacPhee is a recent PhD graduate from the Educational Studies program at UPEI, as well as a teacher-educator, French teacher, researcher and a parent to two children in French minority-language education. Mary’s dissertation explored the educational involvement and experience of parents who do not speak the language of the school, based on the experience of 84 non-Francophone parents who have children in a French minority-language school. Her research interests include parent involvement, French minority-language education, French immersion and French second language education, French teacher preparation and community connections and resources. Mary is a member of the Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics (ACLA/CAAL) and Regroupement pour l’étude de l’éducation francophone en milieu minoritaire (REEFMM), as well as Canadian Parents for French.


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