“I like to take everything and put it in my own words”: Historical Consciousness, Historical Thinking, and Learning with Community History Museums

Cynthia Dawn Wallace-Casey


This article presents ndings from a recent case study involving seventh-grade students (n = 25) and a group of community history museum adult volunteers (n = 5). Over 14 weeks, participants engaged in a series of scaffolding activities designed around a Material History Framework for Historical Thinking. The purpose of the inquiry was to explore pragmatic applications for historical thinking within a community history museum. Data collection included pre- and post-Canadians and Their Pasts surveys, written assignments, photovoice photography, in-depth interviews, and a nal class- room museum project. Conclusions are discussed within the context of Rüsen’s (1987, 1993, 2004) typology of historical consciousness. This article presents a “call to action” for community history museums in Canada. It points to ways in which students can be empowered to become active members of a museum’s community of inquiry.

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Canadian Journal of Education | Revue canadienne de l'éducationISSN 1918-5979